Letterpress Printing Workshops

with Eddie Farrell & Danny Flynn

Eddie Farrell is a painter who collaborates extensively with groups and individuals through print, film, performance, blogs and book making. He trained at Grays and the Slade. Eddie has worked with bceegg, Michael Wedgwood, Day of Damaged Goods, Shytstem, Bruce McLean, Paul Carr & 5th Runway, Measure by Measure, Katharine Eastman & KundE, Sunday League, Michael Schoenke & Druckwerkstadt Berlin, Henningham Family Press, the Alternative Curriculum, PuppCast, 00atman and Danny Flynn.

Danny Flynn is an award winning printer receiving a D&AD award in 2007 and a Creative Circle Award in 2011 in recognition of his fine print work aesthetics, which utilise the obsolete printing methods of letterpress and screen-print. Danny has produced prints for Bacardi, Stella Artois, Pedigree Beer, Knorr and Yell ad campaigns. Danny has published research internationally on letterpress pattern making techniques. He is also an Visiting Lecturer in Art & Design at London Metropolitan University.

Nigh Noon is a one-day session with a great collection of wood type using a small proofing press to print onto paper and also cotton canvas bags! Over tea & coffee, we talk and plan the text - then print at noon!

Run throughout the year on Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 5pm
Cost: Free
A3 suitable white card supplied
Maximum 4 people
Suitable for newbies and established print makers

To book contact:
Phone: 07473 759 391