Neighbour to a kebab shop the gallery at number 511 on the Seven Sisters Road, North London was set up in February 2013 by Danny Flynn (born 4 August 1964) he was educated at Bradford College of Art and Hounslow Borough College, London, where he studied graphic design and advertising.

After being sacked for sarcasm from his first job in design he embarked upon a slightly interrupted career as a freelance artist and designer, which encouraged an eclectic mix of projects including Hollywood titles for the movie Gladiator, bronze casting and snow sculpting, theatre, song and book writing, publishing, gallery curating, academic lecturing and research. Much of his personal work involves binge printing in letterpress and the screen-print process. He has won awards in the area of printing, sculpture and the artists’ bookwork undertaken with Japanese artist and bookbinder Eri Funazaki.

How to find us

G511ERY 511 Seven Sisters Road London N15 6EP
Phone: 07473 759 391